What is Podio?

We believe that self-education and constant-knowledge upgrade is a must for survival in the future. With busy lives nowadays, people rarely find time to get educated about topics they are interested in. Commuting, like any other activity that requires visual effort, is part of every person’s daily routine and is an actual dead asset of your day.

Podio makes every wasted time of your day an educational experience. Whether you’re driving in your car, taking an Uber, hopping on a train or simply walking your dog, Podio fills in every free time slot with personalized audio podcasts.


Stefano FallahaChief Executive Officer

Ahmad HijaziChief Marketing Officer

Mario HayekBackend Engineer

Anthony EssayeSoftware Engineer

Mahdi MokademSoftware Engineer

Ghina ChammasContent Manager

Carine TeyrouzDesigner

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